Stained wood homes, decks, fences and features maintain higher property values
Lower Value
Higher Value
Natural wood provides timeless architectural beauty, versus painted surfaces.
With modern sanding and cleaning techniques, value may be restored to many wood surfaces.

The average cost to replace a redwood/cedar deck is as high as $50 per sq. ft. and siding may be as high as $25 *.

While sanding and/or stripping and staining decking may cost $2 to $5 a sq. ft.*

The quality, transparency and beauty of a stain can have a huge effect on a home’s unique wood surfaces.
Will The Next Wood Stain You Use Remain "Air Compliant"?
Air regulations for paint coatings may change dramatically
In Southern California allowable VOC's in wood stains dropped 60% in one season taking dozens of well known brands off the market.
Flammable + Air Polluting
There Is A Good Reason For This;
Paints, Stains and Coatings are the Largest Contributors to Ozone Causing Gases
Do Solvent Based Wood Stains Really Look Better or Last Longer?
While acrylics have replaced "oils" in the general house paint market...
...they have not completely replaced solvent oil stains
They have not offered the grain enhancing beauty demanded in the marketplace
15 years ago a new acrylic/oil hybrid technology changed the game in waterbone wood stains.
By featuring a linseed oil in the new hybrid system, a beautiful grain enhancing wood stain was born, soluble in water
Other benefits have been no darkening on wood, easy cleanup and much less air pollution
Decks have always been the most challenging surface, for all stain technologies, water or solvent based.
An all new version of this technology enhanced with urethane is proving exceptional on even exposed high foot traffic decking
Now even zero VOC wood stains offer top performance!
You may be forced to switch to newer, water based technologies and this could be costly.
It may be smart to switch now!
Will You Be Getting Sufficient Protection On Sun Facing Exposures?
Most solvent based products recommend only one coat
Newer water based acrylic/oil stains can be quickly applied in multiple coats providing long term sacrificial material while still being transparent
Acrylic/oils have the added benefits of not darkening on shady sides or showing black staining due to snow berms
A "spot maintenance" program on siding is all that is needed to make sure sacrificial coating is applied in the most sun worn areas
When carefully maintained no chemicals or sanding is needed!
Are You Hiring a Qualified Contractor In Wood Restoration?
Wood restoration and protection requires experience, tools and a trained crew!
Knowledge of wood various wood species might have an effect on your decisions to paint, stain or restore
What species is this?
If You Follow These Steps You Will...
Restore and maintain your natural wood to increase your homes value.
Use an air friendly, human friendly wood stain which remains air compliant and available.
Discover that it performs excellent and is easy to maintain.
Have stain applied in sufficient quantity on sun facing exposures to minimize maintenance cycles.
Have your project done by a qualified restoration contractor who follows these steps.
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